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The Bookmarks feature in InspectMe is designed to streamline your workflow as a Unity developer. It offers quick and easy access to frequently inspected elements, significantly enhancing the efficiency of your development and debugging processes.

Core Functionality

  1. Organized Bookmark Groups: Your bookmarks are intuitively grouped based on the root inspected member, simplifying the location and management of related elements.
  2. Interactive Bookmark Management: You have the flexibility to interact with each bookmark, allowing you to select or remove bookmarked members as needed.
  3. Search and Display Options: Utilize the powerful search function to either highlight your search results or filter to show only those bookmarks that match your criteria.
  4. Group Management: Manage your bookmark groups effectively with options to expand, collapse, or delete entire groups, streamlining your organizational process.

Bookmarks Menu

  • Search Types: Choose your preferred search mode with two toggle buttons:
    • Highlight: This option highlights the bookmarks matching your search while shading the others.
    • Filter: Select this to display only the bookmarks that match your search terms.
  • Control Buttons: The menu includes 'Expand All', 'Collapse All', and 'Delete All' buttons for comprehensive bookmark group management.

Using Bookmarks

  1. Accessing Bookmarks: To view all your bookmarked inspected members, simply open the Bookmarks feature, where they are organized into groups.
  2. Managing Bookmarks: Use the search function for quick identification of specific bookmarks. Clicking on a bookmark navigates you directly to the inspected member within the Unity environment.
  3. Bookmark Group Controls: Within the menu, you can expand, collapse, or delete groups of bookmarks or individual bookmarks, tailoring your bookmark management to your project's needs.

How to Add a Bookmark

Here's how you can bookmark an inspected member for easy access:

  1. Context Menu Method: Right-click on a member in the Tree View and select 'Add Bookmark' from the context menu.
  2. Bookmark Button: Alternatively, use the bookmark button in the Tree View menu for quick bookmarking.

For any queries or support regarding Bookmarks feature, please refer to our Support section or visit our FAQ page.