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Support for InspectMe

Encountering challenges or have questions about InspectMe? We're here to help! Our support resources are designed to provide you with the assistance you need to make the most out of InspectMe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before reaching out, we recommend checking our FAQ. Your question might already have an answer there!

Contact Support

For inquiries specifically related to support, technical issues, or assistance with InspectMe:

For all other topics not related to support, including general inquiries, feedback, or collaboration:

Bug Reporting

If you encounter a bug or an issue with InspectMe, we encourage you to report it promptly so we can work on addressing it. Here are the ways you can report a bug:

  • GitHub Issues: Report bugs directly through our Issue-Tracker on GitHub. This helps us track and manage issues efficiently.

  • Email Bug Report: If you prefer, you can also send a detailed description of the issue to Please include as much information as possible, such as what you were doing when the bug occurred, steps to reproduce it, and any relevant screenshots.

  • Community Reporting: Share bug details on our Discord or Reddit for community-supported solutions and direct team interaction.

Prompt reporting of bugs and issues is crucial for us to maintain the quality and reliability of InspectMe. Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated 🙏

Feature Requests

Got an idea that can make InspectMe even better? We love hearing from our users and welcome your suggestions:

  • Community Ideas: Share your innovative ideas and engage in discussions on Discord and Reddit. Here, you can propose new features and participate in community voting.

  • GitHub Issues: For a more formal feature request, consider using our Issue-Tracker on GitHub. This allows us to track and manage your suggestions effectively.

  • Feedback Form: Prefer to submit your ideas anonymously? Use our Feature Request Form. We regularly review submissions from this form for inclusion in future updates.

Your experience with InspectMe matters to us. Whether you need help, want to report a bug, or have suggestions, our team is here to support you every step of the way.