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Welcome to InspectMe


InspectMe is a transformative Unity plugin, engineered to elevate the debugging and inspection processes for Unity developers to unprecedented levels. This potent tool refines your interactions with game objects and scripts, offering profound insights into the mechanics of your Unity projects.

Tailored for game developers, Unity aficionados, and technical artists alike, InspectMe is your companion in crafting a seamless development experience. With its intuitive interface and robust features, InspectMe doesn't just streamline debugging—it redefines it.

Discover InspectMe

We invite you to explore the array of features InspectMe has to offer. Each function is a building block towards a more refined development process, ensuring your focus remains on creativity and innovation.

Dive into the features that make InspectMe an indispensable part of Unity development. From real-time value inspection to advanced search capabilities, InspectMe is your guide through the complexities of game development.

Who Benefits from InspectMe?

InspectMe resonates with a broad spectrum of Unity enthusiasts:

  • Game Developers: Discover a more fluid creative process.
  • Technical Artists: See your art come to life with greater control.
  • Educators and Students: Educate with, and learn through, an interactive lens.
  • Indie Developers: Small teams can now achieve big dreams with tools that streamline development.

Redefining Development

With InspectMe, your journey through Unity development becomes not just manageable but enjoyable. It's an invitation to not only enhance your projects but also to join a movement towards intuitive and accessible game development.

Dive into the world of InspectMe, where efficiency meets innovation—where your vision for development comes to fruition.