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Inspecting Static Members and Classes

In InspectMe Pro, we have introduced a powerful new feature that allows you to inspect static members and classes directly within the Unity Editor. This feature enhances the capabilities of InspectMe by including static members in the tree view alongside non-static members, and by providing a dedicated namespace explorer for static classes.

Static Members

Static members are now seamlessly integrated into the InspectMe tree view. This allows you to view and Edit static fields and properties. Inspect static members just as you would with non-static members, and edit their values directly within the tree view.


This new feature in InspectMe Pro not only broadens the scope of what you can inspect within your Unity projects but also streamlines the process, making it faster and more efficient to access the static elements of your code. Enjoy the enhanced functionality and happy coding!

For any queries or support regarding Inspector feature, please refer to our Support section or visit our FAQ page.