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Supported and Unsupported Types in InspectMe

Understanding which types are supported and not supported by InspectMe is crucial for effective debugging and inspection in Unity. This guide provides a clear overview to help you work seamlessly with InspectMe.

Supported Types

InspectMe is designed to support a wide range of types commonly used in Unity development. Below is a list of types that you can inspect with InspectMe:

Basic and Unity Specific Types

  • Classes and Structs: Standard C# classes and structures.
  • Unity Components: Including MonoBehaviour, ScriptableObjects, and GameObjects.
  • Primitive Types: Such as string, float, int, bool, etc.
  • Unity/C# Value Types: Common types like Color, Vector2, Rect, DateTime, TimeSpan, etc.

Advanced Types

  • Graphics Types: Including Sprite, Texture2D, Cubemap, Material, Shader, Mesh, etc.
  • Interfaces: InspectMe can show instances that implement a specified interface.


Supported all generic collection types including Array type.

private List<string> _example1;
public Transform[] example2;
public Dictionary<string,DateTime> Example3 { get; set;}

Supported custom classes that inherit from generic collections.

public class CustomQueue : Queue<float> {   }  
public class CustomGenericQueue<T> : Queue<T> {   }

Such as nested arrays and lists. ```csharp public int[][] example1; private Dictionary>> example2;

Pro Version Exclusive Pro

  • Record Types: Only the Pro version of InspectMe offers support for C# Record types. This feature is not available in the Lite version.

Unsupported Types

There are certain types and scenarios where InspectMe does not provide support. These include:

Type Details
Actions, Delegates, Events, and Unity Events Not supported for inspection.
Static Members Static class members cannot be inspected.
Specific Types Includes TextAsset, AnimationEvent, IEqualityComparer, ITuple.
Third-Party Types Only types within the Newtonsoft.Json namespace are not supported. Other third-party types should work fine.
Complex Arrays Multi-dimensional arrays (e.g., [,]) are not supported.
System.Numerics Types Types such as Complex, BigInteger, Plane, Matrix3x2 are not supported.

Expanding Our Horizons

At InspectMe, we're continuously working to broaden our scope of supported types. Our team is dedicated to enhancing InspectMe's capabilities, ensuring it evolves alongside your development needs. Keep an eye on our Changelog for updates on new types and features. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, so if there's a type you'd like to see supported, please let us know on our Support page.

Thank you for being part of our journey towards making InspectMe the most versatile and user-friendly tool for Unity developers.