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The Edit Members Values feature in InspectMe Pro provides a robust solution for modifying object properties during runtime, regardless of whether they are private or public. This functionality significantly enhances your debugging and inspection capabilities, allowing for real-time adjustments and thorough testing. Leveraging intuitive quick actions accessible via the top menu bar or context menu, this feature offers unparalleled control over your Unity objects.

Key Functionalities

Edit Value

  • Functionality: Enables the editing of values for selected members.
  • Activation: This option is enabled when the selected member allows value modification.
  • Usage: Opens a popup (native Unity dialog) for asset selection, such as textures, sprites, materials, scriptable objects, components, and more. Additionally, you can edit primitive values or component variables directly through the Inspector.

Reset Value

  • Functionality: Resets the selected member's value to its default.
  • Scope: If the selected member is a class or component (not a string or primitive type), all its children are also reset to default values. For reference types, it sets the value to null, and for strings, structs, or value types, it sets to their default values.

Set Value to Null

  • Functionality: Sets the selected member's value to null.
  • Availability: This option is available when the selected member is nullable and editable (not marked as IsReadOnly).

Random Value

  • Functionality: Assigns a random value to the selected member.
  • Scope: For strings or primitive types, a random value is set directly. For other types, random values are assigned to all children members if they include at least one string or primitive type.

Destroy Value

  • Functionality: Destroys the selected component.
  • Availability: This option is available when the selected member is a component.

Usage Instructions

Accessing the Edit Menu

To access the edit functionalities:

  1. Select a Member: Click on the desired member in the Tree View.
  2. Open the Context Menu: Right-click on the member to view available options.
  3. Choose an Action: Depending on the member, you can select one of the following actions:
    • Edit Value
    • Reset Value
    • Set Value to Null
    • Default Value
    • Random Value
    • Destroy Value

Alternatively, you can:

  • Top Menu Access: Click directly on the top menu. The menu buttons will be enabled when the edit condition is met.
  • Inspector Access: Edit values via the Inspector for primitives, strings, components (like Transform, RectTransform), or asset settings (like Textures, Sprites, Materials).


While the Edit Members Values feature is powerful, there are certain limitations:

  • Collections: InspectMe cannot edit entries within string and primitive type collections.
  • KeyValuePair: This type is currently not supported for editing.


The Edit Members Values feature in InspectMe is designed to provide extensive control over object properties during runtime, significantly enhancing your debugging and inspection workflow. By enabling real-time modifications and offering a suite of quick actions, it ensures you have the flexibility and tools needed for efficient Unity development.

For further assistance, please refer to our Support section or visit our FAQ page.